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Nick entered the empty apartment bearing an armful of groceries. An unspoken rule in his family stated that everyone took turns stocking up the pantries and fridge when things started running low. He guessed it was his parents' alternative to him paying rent, which he didn’t mind.

Dreading going to his room, he put away the groceries at a snail-like pace, organizing and aligning products with a care he normally wouldn't bother. As he did so, he rehearsed over and over in head what he was going to say to Ziana. As he had woken up that morning, he'd decided it wasn't doing either of them any good to be mad at each other. It would wound his pride to be the one to apologize, but maybe it would make her have a little more faith in his intentions. Or maybe it would just make her laugh scornfully at him. Either outcome sounded better than silently hating each other.

When there were no more groceries to put away, Nick leaned against the counter, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand. With a sigh, he nodded subtly. He could do this.

As he entered the hall, he noticed the windows were all open. Faintly, he remembered the text message from his mother about the air conditioning being busted. He finally acknowledged that the hot apartment was being kept cool by the breeze that swam in and out.

Pushing the door of his room open, he took slow steps inside and shut it behind him, clicking the lock. His father would be home soon, and Nick didn’t want him barging in while he talked with Ziana. As he was about to get it over with and kneel by the dresser, a high-pitched noise seized his attention. He paused in his step and looked around in surprise. It sounded a lot like…

Nick threw himself to the ground after he grabbed the flashlight from the dresser drawer. Flicking it on, he shined it underneath. His stomach turned to ice when he saw the empty napkin and half-filled water container, but no Ziana.

The noise came again, louder.

A scream that seemed to drift from the outside.

"Ziana?" he called out, sitting up and turning in the direction of the open window. He hesitated, frozen with utter disbelief. "No way. You did not do that."

The third scream sounded weaker.

Nick abandoned the flashlight and jumped onto the bed. He scrambled to the window, sticking his head out and searching the grate-like surface of the fire escape as his heart pounded vigorously against his rib cage. A sharp gust of wind rustled his hair. "Ziana! Where are you?"

"Here! Under the platform!" she cried with renewed volume. Topped with raw fear, her voice was a few octaves higher than usual. "Help, please!"

"Under the--?" Nick's eyes widened when he saw something coming out from under one of the metal lines of the grate: Ziana's hands gripping for dear life.

He slipped out the window. The rusty, neglected fire escape shook underneath him, causing Ziana to shriek again. He steadied himself, looking down at her hands anxiously. Right away, he saw he could drop her if he tried pushing his hand through the grate to grab her. "I can't get you from here!" His panicked gaze trailed to the steps that led down to the next platform. "I'm coming! Hang on!"

"Yeah, what else am I gonna do!"

Treading carefully and avoiding her hands, Nick reached the stairs within seconds, stopping when he stepped onto the platform below. Luckily, the curtains of the window on that platform were shut. He looked straight up, breathing hard. Positioning himself direction beneath Ziana's dangling form, he raised up his cupped hands. There was at least four feet of space between them and her.

"Okay, I'm here," he said, calmer since he felt more in control of the situation. There was nowhere she could go but down, which was safe now. "Just let go. I'll catch you." There was a long pause, which he realized was an incredulous silence.

"What?! Are you fucking stupid?" Ziana roared, sounding almost normal, just very frightened.

"Uh, I don't think we have a broad selection of choices at the moment," he called back irritably. She didn't respond, but he could see her fighting to keep her faltering grip. She even kicked her legs, attempting in vain to pull herself up. When that failed, she craned her neck to the side to look down at him fearfully. He groaned. "Let go, Ziana! I'm right here!"

"I c-can't!" Her voice cracked, and he knew it wouldn’t do any good to yell at her.

His tone softened pleadingly. "You have to trust me. I won't let you fall, I swear."

She turned her head away from him, making a soft noise that sounded like a fearful sob. The seconds dragged on, and without warning, one of her hands slipped from the grate. She shrieked, raising it up to reach the metal. In the process, she only strained her other arm, causing it to slip as well.

Nick's breath caught in his throat, and his senses surged to overdrive. Time seemed to thicken, and he watched her fall in slow motion, her scream ringing in his ears. The entire time, he kept his hands positioned right underneath her. After a few agonizingly slow seconds, she reached them. He moved his arms down as she landed, so he could slow the descent instead of jarring her by making her stop abruptly.

She lay sprawled in the hollow of his palms when he slowly brought his hands back up. Her blank gaze was aimed at the sky, and she took in a shuddering breath, the only movement on her otherwise frozen body.

Nick became aware this was the first time he'd held her since taking her from the pool. The skin of his palms tingled. The fact he was holding a live person in his hands was too surreal to comprehend. He could feel her shallow breathing and every split-second beat of her rapid heart. She appeared to be frozen in shock, eyes glazed over.

"Are you okay?" Nick asked worriedly after a few moments' silence.

Her lips parted as she visibly struggled to form words. With a pained look on her face, she shook her head, hair brushed against his hand.

"Wha--? Did something break?" he asked breathlessly, feeling his insides freeze over again. "Are you hurt?"

She shook her head again vigorously, mouthing "no" and shutting her eyes.

A strong wind roared through the fire escape. Ziana tensed, and Nick instinctively brought her closer, an assurance there wasn't the slightest chance he would allow himself to drop her. To his shocked surprise, her tiny hands reached out and grabbed fistfuls of his shirt. After staring bemusedly for a few moments, he turned away from the wall of the building. Carefully, he stepped over to the stairs and climbed up, feeling the rusty metal structure sway unsteadily.

After slipping through his open window, the terror of the situation wore off of him. The same couldn't be said for Ziana. He gingerly tried to pull her away from him, but found she had her fingers locked onto his shirt in an iron grip. She didn't seem to realize what she was doing or where she was; her eyes were still squeezed shut.

"Jeez, Ziana," he managed to say with a chuckle. "One near-death experience and you're all over me, huh?"

That snapped her out it.

Gasping, she relinquished her grip and reared away, slamming her back into his slightly curled fingers. Her wide, violet eyes darted around the room, no longer blank, but hyper-aware and frightened. Finally, her gaze locked on his. She cringed away.

"P-Put me down," she said, barely above a whisper. When Nick didn't move, she cried out in frustration swiping a hard downward kick at the heel of his palm. "I said, put me down!" she demanded in voice much bigger than she looked capable of making.

Her anger appeared to be genuine, but she still shook, practically vibrating in his palms.

"Fine," he replied quietly, frustration roaring against the calm wall he forced himself to put up. "But we need to talk. And I can't let you leave until we do."

She looked ready to protest but was cut off when he lowered his hands to the bed. She eagerly scrambled off, and without the slightest show of hesitation, sprinted toward where the bed touched the wall.

Nick jumped forward, reaching his arm over her and slamming it onto the bed like a barricade. He fell to his knees by the bed, scowling. "Don't do that," he said through gritted teeth, trying not to give away how angry and hurt he was. His dragged his arm back, forcing Ziana to move toward him. "I just want to talk. I’m not going to hurt you."

Not looking directly at him, she slumped into a seated position and covered her face with her hands after glancing at the still open window. Her shoulders heaved, and she gave a weak sob.

His glare softened when he realized she was still in the midst of panicking, though he wasn't sure if it was from her tremendous fall or her current situation. He hesitated uncomfortably, always having felt awkward around crying people, especially when he wasn't even remotely close to crying himself.

"Look, calm down," he said tentatively, removing his arm. "I didn't let you fall, did I? You're here. You're safe."

Ziana looked up fiercely, face tear-streaked. "Oh yeah, I feel real safe now," she snapped. "Nothing safer than being trapped by a giant, nuh-uh. Why don't you drop the act and just ship me off to a lab to be dissected already?"

He understood right away that she was up in hysterics and not thinking rationally. Struggling to keep his calm composure, he closed his eyes for a few seconds and took a deep breath.

"Think about it," he said in a subdued voice. "Why would I even need an act if I wanted to do that all along? I could have found a way to get you out from under the dresser if I really needed. I could have moved it while you were sleeping. I could have not given you food until you had no choice but to come out. But I didn't."

The stony expression she had faltered. For a moment, she was vulnerable. "Why didn't you?" she asked in a whisper-quiet voice that he barely caught.

Her eyes searched him pleadingly for an answer. He had the feeling that simple question had been bothering her since the first night. The dilemma was plain in the look on her face. She was genuinely confused as to why he hadn't hurt her, and she was even more frustrated that she couldn't figure it out.

"I don't know," he answered simply, feeling it was the most honest thing he could say. He scratched the back of his head, looking to the side. "I mean, you're a person. You look like one, act like one. So you should be treated like one."

"Does that include bribing me with food in order to get me to talk?" she spat, suddenly taking up a venomous tone.

"You gotta understand, I had to know more about you," he said exasperatedly, sighing. "I didn't know how else-- Look, just forget about it, okay?" The scowl on her face told him the last thing she wanted to do was drop it, but she remained silent, swiping stray tears from her cheeks, clearly embarrassed by them. "You just have to know, I don't have any intentions to hurt you or even show you to anyone else if you don't want me to."

She stayed quiet, fiddling with the end of a pant leg. Despite the idle action, he could see she was thinking hard, figuring something out. Her voice finally came. "What do you want from me?"

Nick faltered. He wanted her around, just like any other curious person would. However, he didn't know how to translate his strange thoughts into words. Hesitating, he replied, "I just want to know about you. I want you to help me understand what you are, and why I'm the bad guy no matter what I do, or how hard I try to get you to realize that I'm not a threat to you. I want to know why you were desperate enough to climb out that window."

Ziana looked up, eyes locking onto his. For a moment, he saw a spark of understanding and potential empathy in her gaze, but it fled as quickly as it appeared when a ringing sound came from somewhere in the apartment: the house phone. The tiny girl flinched at the noise, and the spark was gone.

"I want to help you," he pressed on, ignoring the phone. "When I found you and got you out of the pool, that was the only thing on my mind. Okay, maybe I was going crazy trying to figure out what you were also. But I just couldn't stop thinking, 'Oh my God, she's going to die, and I need to save her.'"

"I don't need some hero to save the day for me," she shot back icily. "I've told you before: I don't need you. I'll learn to adapt to this place on my own. I'm not helpless. I escaped the last giant, didn't I?"

"And almost killed yourself in the process," he retorted. "The same can be said about this 'escape'. You were screaming for my help just minutes ago. And if I hadn't been there?" He leaned down toward her so they were eye level. She scooted back defensively, glaring with distrust. "You would have died."

Her eyes widened, facing burning red in a matter of seconds. She clearly knew he was right, and she hated that with a passion. Even he was surprised by his own harshness.

"Maybe you are even worse than him in your own way," she muttered. He expected her to elaborate, but she only stared blankly at the bed sheet, leaving him with that cryptic statement.

He hesitated. "The person who hurt you... He lives here, doesn't he?" The answer was obvious; how else would she have gotten to the pool from the bushes? But up until then, he'd been so preoccupied attempting to gain Ziana's trust that he hadn't really thought about it. "Who is he?"

Her lips became a thin line. She looked up at him with a searching expression and apparently found no harm in revealing who her former tormentor was. "Rodney," she said in a voice thick with disgust. "His name is Rodney."

A state of frozen disbelief came over him. He brought his hand up and covered his eyes, forcing himself to comprehend that Rodney was in on the secret of tiny people too. He was the one she had managed to escape from. Just the thought of something so delicate in Rodney’s hands made him sick. And he knew perfectly well that Rodney wasn't going to let her go easily, especially if he had planned on showing her off to make money. He must have still been searching.

"What, do you know him?" Ziana asked, interrupting his worried thoughts.

Nick dragged his hand down his face, sighing. "Yeah, you could say that." He folded his arms on the edge of the bed and lowered his chin onto them, causing her to back away in surprise and scowl at him for his movement. "He lives in the next building over. Oh, and he swore that one day he's gonna murder me for what I did to him. And it's gonna be slow and painful. No big deal, right?"

"What did you do?" she asked, looking interested and surprisingly awed.

He smirked, but shook his head. "Not important."

"Oh, come on--" She paused, frowning at him suspiciously. "Wait. Are you the reason he's such a dick?"

"Not even close," he replied with a scoff, rolling his eyes. "Maybe I contributed just a little, but he's been like that even before I knew him."

"How would you know?"

"Let's just say, my mom's wired tightly into the gossip around here," he said. Ziana looked at him expectantly, urging him to continue. He half-smiled, realizing he'd somehow managed to distract her from the shock and fear of before. "Well, where to start? His dad allegedly skipped town when he found out Rodney's mom was pregnant. So, there's that. He grew up in the inner-city tenements, which is always a fun time if you enjoy being mugged while taking a Sunday stroll. And then, his mom eventually saved up enough money to move out here. That's all I know."

Ziana looked at him dully. "Oh, is that all?" She scoffed in disappointment, crossing her arms. "He could have had it so much worse," she mumbled.

"Hey, maybe it isn't justified, but now you know."

"He treated me like an animal. Nothing would justify that."

He recalled what she had said before, and narrowed his eyes at her. "So, in what way could I possibly be worse than him?"

She took a few more defensive scoots back, as if a closer proximity would make him able to read her mind. "You make me question myself," she finally admitted begrudgingly. "That's why I need to get out of here as soon as possible. You're too dangerous for me to lose my guard around."

He raised his eyebrows. "So all you're saying is, you're finally starting to realize that I'm not going to do anything to you, and that you have no reason to be afraid of me?" She glowered, turning her head to the wall. He chuckled. "And that's a problem for you, because Batman works alone, right?"

"What?" she snapped, confused enough into glancing back at him.

"... You don't know who Batman is?"

She shook her head in reply, looking irritated.

"Jeez, are you a Martian or something?"

"A what?"

Once again, the question of what exactly she was roared in his mind. Every other attempt to get a straight answer had failed miserably. He bit his lip. Maybe he could do it now. She was being open, answering to what he said, though she was still snappish. At least she wasn't locked in that stubborn silence anymore. If there was ever a chance to find out, it was now.

"Can't you just tell me what you are?" he blurted, knowing it wasn't the most graceful or crafty way he'd inquired her about it. "Are you some kind of government experiment gone wrong or something? Are you a wingless fairy? I mean, I don't see what the big deal is about you just telling me. After finding out that hand-sized people actually exist, not much else is going to shock me into thinking any differently about you. I already told you that I'm not showing you to anyone else. Plus, I saved your life. C'mon, you owe me at least that answer, so just--"

"God, fine!" Ziana cut him off, throwing her hands up to her ears. "If I tell you, will shut up?"

Nick looked at her with surprise, and then nodded silently.

Standing up, she placed her hands on her hips and glared at him. All the shakiness and tears of before seemed to be long forgotten. "I'm a Vectractian," she said in a slow voice, as if she was speaking to a young child. "From a world named Vectract. It's similar to Earth, except everything is stupidly huge here."

"You're an alien," he breathed.

The corner of her mouth turned up, and she nodded once. "And no, I didn't crash my spaceship somewhere, if that's what you're wondering."

"Then how did you get here? Why are you here?" he asked eagerly

She put a hand up to stop him. "Slow down! One rescue, one answer. Isn’t that how you like to work?"

He frowned and asked another question nonetheless. "Are you planning on going back?"

For a moment, it looked like she was going to get angry at him for ignoring her statement, but her expression became strangely mournful when she replied. "Not in this lifetime."

Initially, it seemed to Nick like something had happened to her world. Had it been destroyed? Evacuated for some reason? He figured he was lucky she'd answered his previous question and didn't want to risk another. However, he wasn't out of things to say on another subject.

"If you've got nowhere else to go, you're welcome to stay here," he said encouragingly. She shot him a scathing look. "Since we understand each other a little better, y'know? I... I won't force you. I'll even give you food without questions anymore," he added hastily. "Like I said, I really want to help you. If you go out on your own, someone else might find you. Hell, Rodney's probably searching as we speak."

At Rodney's name, she visibly stiffened and appeared more open to negotiation. Nick continued in his ramble, seeing his opportunity to convince her.

"Don't think of this as me trying to rescue you. I understand, you're not completely helpless," he pressed on. He knew he was fibbing a bit; he firmly believed there was no way she could survive without him. "But really, what's so bad about getting a little help? You'd be safe here, I swear."

The front door of the apartment suddenly opened, and Ziana scrambled away from the direction of the noise, tensing up.

“It’s okay. Just my dad,” he said, lowering his voice. “My door’s locked, and he doesn’t come in here anyways. Focus. Will you stay or not?”

She kept her arms crossed, but didn't look at him as if he was a total moron for suggesting that she stay. In fact, it seemed some of his words had actually gotten through to her. She paced back and forth slowly, deep in thought. She even sighed a few times, looking worried or angry. Eventually, she stopped in front of him, boldly standing close to his folded arms and prompting him to raise his head from them.

"I'll think about it," she finally said in a firm voice. "I'll stay for now-- Woah, don't get too excited yet! I said I'll stay for now, but if I decide that I don't want this, or find a better deal somewhere else, you'll let me go. Swear it?"

"Yeah, of course," Nick said, smiling with relief.

She looked at him suspiciously. "And if you do anything to piss me off, I'll be gone before you even know what you did. Got it?"

Now that she was closer, he had a better view of her face. He realized he'd only really seen it when she had been unconscious. Behind the distrust in her strange violet eyes, he still saw her questioning and fear. She must have realized how ridiculous it was for her to threaten him about leaving. If he really wanted her to stay, he could trap her or cage her, and he doubted it was hard for her to figure that out. Although didn't have even remote intentions of doing such things, she obviously still worried.

"Considering it's really easy to piss you off, I might not be able to uphold my end of that deal there," he commented in a light tone, trying to keep the mood from going sour.

Before he could say anything, the phone rang again. This time, he father was there to answer it. Ziana tensed again for a moment, but looked back at Nick when she relaxed.

"Oh, you haven't seen me pissed off yet. The boiling point gets pretty nasty, believe me."

"Sounds terrifying. And how will I know if I've reached the boiling point?"

She smiled darkly. "You'll wake up with your eyes gouged out by a pencil."

There was an awkward silence until he forced himself to let out a nervous laugh, unable to tell for sure if she was joking. He was about to say something, but his father’s voice called from the kitchen, and he didn’t sound pleased at all.

"Dominic Morrison!"

He froze in surprise, but Ziana burst into a fit of giggles, covering her mouth when he turned back to her.

"'Dominic'?" she said in between laughs.

The fear of whatever he was in trouble for faded. He glared at her angrily, leaning forward. "It's a family name," he growled in the most threatening tone he could muster. Her laughter came to a halt when he shot his hand out and grabbed her in a fist. At first, he thought she would scream, but her jaw only dropped in silence. Instead of struggling, she simply stared at him in wide-eyed shock, arms pinned to her sides. "It's a family name!" he repeated dramatically. "How dare you make fun of it!"

When he stood up from the floor, she snapped out of her stupor. "Wh-What the hell are you doing?!" she whispered intensely.

Figuring he'd scared her enough, he walked over to the dresser and knelt down to set her onto the floor. She backed away, looking terrified. Her face became a mask of confusion when he grinned teasingly.

"You think you're the only one that can make threats around here? Think again," he said, winking. "Gotcha."

Her look of confusion morphed into one of fury. "You jerk! I-I thought y-you were going to--" She crossed her arms, scowling. "Not bad. Extra points for almost giving me a heart-attack. You're lucky if I don't leave because of that. And if you ever grab me without asking again, expect to lose a finger in your sleep."

The doorknob rattled, but didn't open. He was glad he’d made the move to lock it earlier. The sound of footsteps trailed down the hall. His father angrily called his name again and demanded that he come to the kitchen.

Ziana made a noise of feigned sympathy and whispered. "Looks like Daddy's calling you, Dominic. Try not to cry." With that, she slipped under the dresser and disappeared from sight.

Shaking his head, he stood up and headed to the door, wondering what he could have possibly done to make his father upset. After messing up his hair to look like he'd been in bed, he unlocked the door and opened it, blinking sleepily. He walked down the hall, entering the main area.

"What were you doing out on the fire escape?" his father demanded before Nick could feign a drowsy greeting. "You know that thing's practically ready to come apart."

He broke his act without meaning to. "Wh-What?"

"That was Mr. Wessler on the phone. He mentioned something about you 'climbing the fire escape like a lunatic'. What's all that about?"

"Oh, uh... Some of the kids were out playing catch, and their ball got stuck up in the railing. I went to throw it back down to them since the window was already open. Think Wessler will put my warrant on hold if I explain that to him?"

His father glared him suspiciously, searching. After a few agonizing seconds, he sighed wearily and walked over to the couch to grab the remote control. "Just don't go out there again. Can't afford a hospital bill right now, you know."

"Says the man that lets me ride a motorbike daily," Nick replied, clapping him on the back as he walked by. “Glad you’re concerned. No need to tell Mom about this, right?”

Something told him he should have felt bad about lying to his father. He could already see the world of lies he would have no choice but to put out in order to keep the tiny girl, the alien, a secret. Any trace of guilt he would have felt in a normal circumstance was completely overridden by the joy of his breakthrough with Ziana.
No literal cliffhanger this time! :la:

Finally, we've reached the first of the two major turning points in the story.

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Shaky truce is better than no truce.
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